Wendy can serve as your attorney to guide you through mediation and review your mediated agreement before you sign it.

You and your ex have decided to mediate and you have found a mutually acceptable mediator. You’re off to a good start but you are not sure you want to do this all on your own. You may want an advocate – someone in your corner advising you and making sure your interests are protected.

Wendy can be your sounding board and help prepare you for each mediation session. She will help you understand the applicable law and all your important negotiating points so that you can express yourself most effectively at the mediation.

After the mediation is complete, your mediator will draft a final agreement. Wendy will review the agreement with you and make sure you fully understand what it says and that it reflects what you have agreed to in mediation.

Most importantly, Wendy will serve as a resource to answer your questions and concerns as they arise during the mediation process so that you don’t feel like you are doing this alone.